Are You Fighting FOMO? 4 Steps to Minimize the Fear of Missing Out



You’ve settled on the couch with a glass of wine, a yummy snack and the latest Netflix flick. You’re pumped to start a new binge-worthy series with your significant other. But before hitting the play button, you decide to do a quick scan of your social networks.

Twenty minutes and too much time stalking Facebook, Instagram and Twitter later thanks to your smartphone addiction — aka nomophobia — and you’re suddenly doubting not just tonight’s choices but everything leading up to this point. If you had chosen a different job, would you have been invited to that party your friend posted a photo of? How is it that the young actress you follow on Instagram is half your age but already so much more accomplished? Should you even be watching this TV show — everyone on Twitter is abuzz about that other new show.

You have FOMO.

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