The Sad Truth About Go Girl: What You Need To Know


1. Introduction

Today’s fast-paced society has resulted in an influx of jobs, but an added amount of stress, too. People working long hours to prove themselves, to get a raise, to climb the corporate ladder, and moreover, simply because spending thousands on premier education comes with an incredible amount of pressure to make something of ourselves.

And nonetheless, research continues to show that the way we treat ourselves given this go-getter attitude is killing us.

One of the biggest offenders of this lifestyle is loss of sleep, and to counteract it, we fill ourselves up with caffeinated beverages to bully our bodies to push through through the day. But tea and coffee aren’t enough. The surge of energy drinks came on the scene when Red Bull was introduced into America in 1997, and by 2005-2006, there was an explosion of energy drink sales, including Monster Energy Drink, 5-Hour Energy and Four Loko. Now, there seems to be every type of energy drink for a variety of preferences, geared towards teens, adults, and even one specifically for women, like Go Girl.

In this article, we will discuss the invention of Go Girl, breakdown the ingredients list, and dive into how harmful it is for your health.