The Importance Of Alkaline Eating And Why You Should Begin Today



I’m a huge fan of alkaline eating. While I was studying to become a holistic health/nutrition coach we learned about the importance of food on the acid-base balance of your body. I was so intrigued by the thought that one simple rule could transform your health and happiness. Especially if you know, both my hubby and myself were struggling with our health at that time.

Ever since that day, we slowly eased ourselves into an alkaline lifestyle and that was maybe the best decision I ever made in my whole life. We have seen, and felt, some amazing changes happening to our body.

My hubby hasn’t had a multiple sclerosis flare-up for years and is off his weekly injections for over a year and a half now. No more sick-making meds for him and he has never felt any better in his whole life.

For me eating a healthy, alkaline diet helped me to get my weight down and control high cholesterol levels and a heart rhythm disorder I inherited from my father’s side.

In this article we’ll explain the Alkaline-Acid Balance and I’ll share some great Alkaline Eating Tips and Tricks…