The herbal super drug is as close to the fountain of youth as you can get

This article was originally published by our friend Anya V at Living Traditionally

In recent years the medical community (and now all of us) have become increasingly aware of the importance of hormones and healthy hormonal functions in our body.  They regulate everything from our overall daily mood to how we age over decades.  Basically since puberty, hormones dictate much of how our body looks and feels.  For instance, look at the hormone cortisol.  Cortisol is released into our body as a result of stress.  It causes inflammation and oxidative stress when released.  Unfortunately, triggers for the release of cortisol are not limited to fight and flight kinds of stress.

Daily life, encounters with toxins from processed foods and chemical cleaning products all create stress on the body that triggers the release of cortisol, leading to hormonal imbalance (Adrenal Fatigue), increased weight retention and a higher risk for diabetes and heart disease.  Most of the conventional products that claim to control hormones, such as cortisol, contain unnatural ingredients with potentially harmful side-affects.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a natural solution?

The answer is Ashwagandha Root

Used for thousands of years in India and Africa, this herbal super drug is as close to the fountain of youth as you can get.  Also know as Indian Ginseng, this powerful root does much more than just increase immunity (which it does quite well) it also can slow the aging process, leaving you looking youthful and energetic longer.  The specific thing that makes Ashwagandha such a powerful anti-aging substance is the fact that it is a Adaptogen, which means, it can adapt (increasing or lowering hormonal production) to what the body needs.  If you are stressed out, or have hyperthyroid issues such as Graves Disease, Ashwagandha will work to lower hormonal production.  However, if you suffer from lower hormonal production, such as men aging and producing less testosterone or Hashimoto’s disease (hypothyroid issues), Ashwagandha will work to raise hormonal production.

For this reason, Ashwagandha can be used to treat a variety of debilitating conditions such as:

  • Immune Deficiency
  • Low Energy
  • Stress
  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Diabetes
  • Inflammation
  • Acne
  • Sexual potency
  • Stamina and vitality
  • endurance

Ashwagandha and Cancer

One potentially amazing possibility for the future of Ashwagandha is a role in cancer prevention and treatment.  While there are no human study’s yet conducted to confirm it’s direct role in treating cancer, tests conducted on rodents and patient testimonials indicate positive results.  Ashwagandha’s immune boosting and antioxidative properties are essential for both reducing cancerous cells from forming and spreading.  The same properties help current cancer patients on chemo therapy, as the poisonous chemicals used in the treatment can destroy a patients immune system, often leading to sickness and even life ending infections.  Cancer patients also indicate greater energy levels when they are taking a daily dose of Ashwagandha.

The traditional method of consuming Ashwagandha is to add 5-10 mg to a cup of warm milk (substitutes such as nut milks or a smoothie are acceptable modern adaptations).  You can also purchase capsules and other ways to ingest it.  Regardless, make sure to purchase GMO free, Organic Ashwagandha to ensure the highest amount of safety and efficacy.