8 Great Foods To Eat For Cleaner Arteries

3. Foods To Eat For Cleaner Arteries



Avocados seem to be on the top of everyone’s list of much-loved foods these days. Sliced in salads, topped on toast, or used as a perfect healthy fat replacement in your sandwich, they’re more than just delicious, they’re extremely good for your arteries, reducing LDL cholesterol while increasing the HDL level in your body. They’re also rich in vitamin E, which works to ward off cholesterol oxidation. The potassium in avocados also helps to lower blood pressure. Furthermore, a 1996 study conducted in Mexico found that, when people consumed just one avocado a day for one week, their blood cholesterol dropped an average of 17 percent, while their levels of LDL decreased and their HDL increased.



The curcumin found in this savory spice serves as an anti-inflammatory that works to keep arteries free from hardening, which can cause harmful blockages. It’s also rich in vitamin B6, which prevents damage to the blood vessels and the buildup of plaque. The spice also reduces LDL levels as well as cholesterol oxidation.