So… It Turns Out You Can Kill Cancer After All

Speaking with their urologist at the time, they were left with what felt like impossible options. Pee in a bag for the rest of her life or “create a neo bladder out of intestinal material. Oh, but there are drawbacks to that,” he mentioned.


Jeff Witzeman shared his and his wife’s (Kerry) incredible healing journey with cancer treatment. Kerry was 53 years old when they removed a golf ball-sized tumor from her bladder. They were told: “the cancer has spread into the muscle wall and the only course of action is to remove the bladder.”

Feeling dejected, they went home to absorb what they just heard and understand the reality of their situation. They recalled that her sister and nephew both had cancer. One had stage 4 melanoma and the other stage 3 squamous cell throat cancer. Both have been cancer free for the last 3-4 years, without doing chemotherapy or surgery. How? A trip to Germany, and a month-long stay at a clinic that treats cancer naturopathically. Surely, there were options out there.

“It turns out cancer cannot survive in certain environments, if you starve it, it has nothing to feed on and killing it becomes relatively easy.”

They consulted their urologist and inquired if this was a good idea. He flat-out said no and firmly responded with an acute warning that her cancer was far too aggressive to be treated over there. Was this ignorance or naivety? How can someone so confidently crush someone’s hope of natural treatment without fully understanding the specifics of the facility and what it has to offer? 

Their Own Research

Hours of time, effort, and energy then went into researching clinics and alternative methods to cancer treatment. Jeff attributes this part to being one of the most difficult. He cites and as invaluable websites that provide great information for those seeking it.

The clinic, Infusio, had quite successfully treated squamous cell bladder cancer in the past. At that point they decided the benefits outweighed the risks, and they were on their way to Frankfurt, Germany. The facility, he describes, is comfortable, clean and cozy. Almost like a spa. Kerry’s plan consisted of a diet change, temperature therapy, and oxygen and immune boosting minerals as a drip.

It is now common knowledge cancer survives on sugar, so naturally, the first thing they did was change her diet. No refined sugar. They went heavy with the fruits and vegetables.

“They used heat and oxygen to kill it, and then vitamins, minerals and amino acids to strengthen the immune system, which kills the cancer as well.”

1-fqke8jlz4q2wy_91nooyoqOne of the daily drips to detoxify and strengthen the immune system.

Temperature is another factor that affects cancer cells. In temperatures exceeding 105 degrees Fahrenheit, cancer cannot survive. Infusio used a hyperthermia machine to direct the heat to one specific area in the body to fry the cancer cells while preserving all the normal cells around it. Whereas chemotherapy, while slowing down the cell dividing process, kills everything around it, even the healthy cells.

Then came the oxygen. Cancer hates oxygen. Drained blood was filled with oxygen then put back in Kerry. Jeff mentions that rounding out the treatment was a daily drip for 5 days of the week for a month. This helped with detoxifying the body and boosting the immune system, which in a healthy person, is already equipped with amino acids that kill cancer cells. But for Kerry to boost her immune system, things like Dioxychlor, GC-MAF, Vitamin B-17, Selenium, DMSO, and the ground up thymus of an organically fed cow were given to her. Jeff stayed with Kerry for the first week, then returned to the U.S. for her to finish out the rest of her treatment on her own.

A Bargain

He says the cost was roughly $28,000.00. A bargain, in his eyes. Especially when you consider what they would have spent in payments for years of chemotherapy, drugs, and surgery, not to mention the treatment of infections.

Kerry came back happy and healthy and in no pain from the treatments. They found another urologist that saw the benefits of integrating naturopathic medicine. They did tests and found that Kerry was completely clean of the squamous cell carcinoma. There were no traces of the original cancer.

They continue to regulate her stress levels and diet as they know cancer can come back at anytime. However, there is another point of contention that seems to be poking not only at their sides, but at those that have to face this same challenge when finding cancer in the body. Millions of people are diagnosed every year—is it up to them to figure out all the alternatives to treatment, or could the healthcare system be better equipped with knowledge and information?

Jeff pondered these fundamental questions, and he mentions a simple Google search will show you that the FDA bans everything in the States that conflicts with chemotherapy and chemo drugs. Probably because that’s where a lot of the money is. As an industry, it generates well over $125 billion dollars a year. A lot of the patents of the naturopathic treatments mentioned were banned because it was impossible to get patents on them. Again, there is a lot of money involved in patents.

He ends with a couple of messages to everyone. Firstly, chemotherapy and radiation are extremely ineffective. And, cancer can be killed. Despite what you or your loved one have heard, do not lose hope and know that more and more stories like Jeff and Kerry’s are popping up.

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