5 Smart Weight Loss Tips When a Low Carb Diet Isn’t Working



So you’ve gone Paleo.  You’re buying grass-fed and pastured everything.  You’ve ditched low-fat dieting once and for all.  You’ve embraced butter and coconut oil.  You’ve quit sugar entirely.  You make your own kombucha.  And you’re making bone broths like an Amish grandmother.  But…

The weight is not coming off.

Or if it is, it’s painfully slow and it makes you feel like giving up.

A quick example:

A few years ago I taught a weight loss program here in western Massachusetts. I’ll never forget “Tina.”  She was a young woman and a seemingly ideal candidate to do well on the program.  But after 12 weeks she’d only lost a few pounds.  We were both disappointed.  However, over those 12 weeks we identified some significant hormonal imbalances.  Tina confided in me that her menstrual cycle was never regular and that she suffered with terrible menstrual cramps for many years.

She stuck with it and committed to cooking and preparing real food over the long term and had faith in the process.

A year later she’d lost 45 pounds and her cycles returned to normal.

And that will kick off my first smart weight loss tip….

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