Nitro Coffee: Hipster Hype or Real Benefits?

2. When Did Nitro Coffee Hit … and What Makes It Special?


Nitro coffee is cold brewed, put into a keg and then infused with nitrogen gas. It’s served straight from the tap, just like a cold beer, and it offers that frothy and bubbly, adult-beverage feeling with the carbonation and beer-like head from the nitrogen. More and more baristas are buying into the nitro trend, which made its debut at Austin’s Cuvée Coffee in August 2012.

The big bonus for consumers is that there’s no sugar, milk or alcohol in nitro coffee, and it contains about 30 percent more caffeine per ounce than your good ol’ cup of joe, and some companies claim there’s even more. And now nitro coffee is available in bottles and cans, so you can enjoy this trending coffee at home or at the office.

So, Is Nitro Coffee Healthier Than Traditional Coffee?

You may feel like you’re drinking a craft beer, but you’re still getting the benefits of coffee with nitro brews. For those of you who can handle an extra kick of caffeine, nitro coffee may be your new favorite. But for some, the caffeine increase can lead to unwanted side effects. Here are the top pros and cons of nitro coffee.

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