Why A Grain Free Diet May Be A Good Idea For You (And What To Eat Instead)



If you have given up gluten but got a partial response, or don’t feel like you got the relief you wanted in terms of weight loss, brain fog, and/or autoimmunity, I’ve got another strategy for you. It’s time to go Grain Free.

Why Grain Free?

Are you thinking about taking the next step and adopting a grain-free lifestyle, and wondering what that would look like?

Don’t be daunted!

There is now a mountain of evidence showing that going grain-free can be the answer to many of the health problems women face. The truth is, gluten-free might not be enough; if you are cutting gluten out for overall health gains, you aren’t doing yourself any favors by using, say, rice flour instead of wheat flour. A cookie is still a cookie.