A Sweet Treat You Can Eat Without Feeling Guilty: Real Food Cookie Recipe

2. Why Real Food Cookies Is Good for You


Sweet potatoes are a good substitute for flour because of its vitamins and minerals. Beta-carotene, responsible for the potato’s orange hue, lessens your risk of heart disease and cancer, improves your immune system, and fights free radicals. However, make sure to eat sweet potatoes in moderation, especially if you’re insulin or leptin resistant, as these contain high amounts of fructose.

Another health boost comes from bananas because of the high potassium content, which can help control your heart rate and blood pressure levels. Bananas also help with combatting infections, promoting bone health, and protecting the heart. But just like sweet potatoes, bananas contain fructose, so don’t eat too much, especially if you’re insulin–or leptin–resistant.

For the eggs, opt for organic and pasture-raised. I place a premium on this type of egg because some eggs nowadays come from confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs), where chickens are kept in horrible and cramped cages and fed with artificial ingredients. What’s worse, bacteria like salmonella can thrive in these environments — truly a disaster in the making.

Meanwhile, organic pasture-raised eggs are nutritionally superior because they contain higher amounts of vitamins A and E, omega-3s, and beta-carotene. This is because the chickens were able to roam around clean pastures and eat their natural diet of seeds, green plants, insects, and worms instead of processed feeds, resulting in healthier, fresher eggs.

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