Drinking Liquids with Meals: Good or Bad?



Some claim that drinking beverages with meals is bad for your digestion.

Others say it can cause toxins to accumulate, leading to a variety of health issues.

But can drinking a glass of water with your meals really have negative effects?

Or is this just another myth?

Here is an evidence-based review of how liquids with meals affect your digestion and health.


Kris Gunnars is a medical student, personal trainer and someone who has spent years reading books, blogs and research studies on health and nutrition. Kris believes that there is an immense amount of evidence that runs completely contradictory to what the governments and dietitians around the world are recommending. Since starting medical school and becoming a personal trainer, he's learned that the textbooks on nutrition that our future doctors and health authorities read are based on that same faulty or nonexistent evidence. Kris' goal is change that! For more from Kris- Subscribe to Free Updates from his website or click the links above to follow him on Facebook or Twitter.