Cabbage: Your Secret Weapon Against Cancer And Heart Disease!

If you’re trying to improve your diet cabbage should be at the top of your grocery list.

Did you know cabbage is inexpensive, easy to prepare and has tremendous health benefits?

Cabbage is a green leafy vegetable from the brassic family, which has been around for thousands of years.

There are literally hundreds of varieties of cabbage grown worldwide, the colors vary as well, presenting pale green, blue green, red, reddish purple, and nearly white. Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable – which has some of the most highest amount of antioxidants.

Raw or cooked 

Cabbage is best prepared raw or slightly cooked to preserve this veggie’s many nutrients. Chinese chicken salad is a great to enjoy the delicate flavor of napa cabbage. It is a milder tasting variety of cabbage that boasts the highest concentration of folate.

Chunky coleslaw is another great way to enjoy cabbage, toss in some Julienned red bell peeper and carrots. Dress with extra virgin olive oil and a little vinegar, cumin seed, pop some scallion on top.

Lightly sauteed cabbage is another great way to enjoy. Incorporate some spices to your olive oil and add some other veggie, too. You could even place the cooked mixture inside lettuce wrap and add some Asian -Inspired dressing.

Fermented cabbage

Fermented foods like sauerkraut have been making news because of it’s health benefits, even though they are, in fact anything but new.

The magic of fermented food all comes down to something you can’t even see microbes. According to the web site

microbes present in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract have the potential to behave in a favorable, a harmful, or a neutral manner. Overall, there is a mutual relationship between humans and gut flora, with a goal of achieving a balance between good and bad bacteria. Although not essential for survival, our gut flora is considered a “forgotten organ” that aids in several different bodily processes. For example, gut flora improves immune function, increase absorption of water, control metabolic function, and fight pathogenic bacteria that could cause harm to us Unfortunately, poor diet, broad-spectrum antibiotic use, and inflammation can cause our gut flora to get out of balance or to be wiped out completely. The good news is that we can realign our gut flora by consuming fermented foods.


According to some studies, the powerful antioxidants contained in sauerkraut are capable of destroying the free radicals, which are crucial factor for the development of cancer cells. As well as caner fighting properties sauerkraut is high in fiber which is consumed for digestive health but is also very important for the health of your heart.

Heart healthy

A study published in the medical journal, Food and Function, showed that the probiotic content was a powerful heart health protector. Sauerkraut was found to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, while at the same time increasing heart-healthy antioxidants.

As well as cancer fighting benefits probiotic’s also prevent and correct digestion problems, support bone health, boost energy, and improve your skin’s health and appearance.

Hope you enjoyed the article. Try the recipe below and see how yummy cabbage taste and enjoy all the health benefits this wonderful veggie has to offer.