Are you experiencing these easily-missed symptoms of diabetes? Watch out for these warning signs

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If a patient has Type 1 diabetes, their pancreas can’t produce enough insulin. If they have pre-diabetes or Type 2 diabetes, their body can’t use insulin efficiently.

Individuals with diabetes also have high blood sugar levels since their body can’t sufficiently move the energy they receive from food out of their bloodstream and into their cells.

Sometimes, the symptoms of diabetes can develop after several years, which may lead people to think that have common ailments instead of serious symptoms. Contrary to popular belief, diabetes doesn’t always affect older and overweight individuals who have sugar-rich diets. Even young and healthy people can develop the condition. It can also affect children, teenagers, and young adults.

The 7 common symptoms of diabetes

It’s important to detect the condition early so you can limit the risks associated with long-term complications. If you haven’t been diagnosed and you think you may have pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes, check if you have the seven symptoms listed below.

  1. Blurred vision – If you have high blood sugar, liquid is pulled from the tissues, which includes your eyes. This can cause blurry vision. Diabetics require frequent eye exams due to the changes in their eyesight. If you don’t address this symptom, you may suffer from long-term complications like vision loss or even blindness.
  2. Constant hunger – This symptom is also linked to frequent urination. When you urinate frequently, you’re also eliminating the nutrition that you absorb from food and your body will lack the fuel that it needs. You may always be hungry and sometimes you can maintain your current weight even if you eat a lot.
  3. Excessive thirst – Constant thirst is another symptom of diabetes and is often observed in patients along with frequent urination. When you urinate more than normal, you can become dehydrated, making you thirsty all the time.
  4. Frequent urination – Patients with diabetes have high blood sugar levels and their kidneys work harder to filter out the excess sugar, which their body disposes of via frequent urination.
  5. Numbness or tingling in the hands and feet – Untreated diabetes is also linked to nerve damage. Damage to the nerves may occur due to elevated blood sugar levels and increased fat/triglyceride levels in the bloodstream. Patients might experience this damage as peripheral neuropathy or a burning, numb, or tingling sensation in their hands and feet.
  6. Severe fatigue – When left untreated, diabetes can leave patients constantly and severely fatigued. Eating and drinking more won’t always help, and some patients may feel “cranky and off.”
  7. Wounds that heal slowly and frequent infections – Patients with untreated diabetes might have bruises or cuts that take longer to heal. Females patients usually suffer from bladder and vaginal infections. The exact reason for this symptom remains unknown, but one theory posits that “the high levels of blood sugar impair the body’s natural healing process.”

How to address diabetes

If you have several of the symptoms listed above, consult a healthcare professional immediately. Early detection can prevent pre-diabetes from developing into type 2 diabetes. Even type 2 diabetes may sometimes be put into remission.

  • Consult a natural healthcare professional – Receiving a proper diagnosis is the first step to addressing diabetes. To avoid a misdiagnosis, ask for specific tests such as a blood glucose test, which can reveal your blood sugar. An A1C test can determine your average blood sugar level for the last two to three months while a C-peptide test can reveal how well your body produces insulin. (For best results, work with a naturopathic physician who can help you heal your body and change your lifestyle choices. Don’t let a pharma-funded mainstream doctor drug you with medications and call it “treatment.”)
  • Exercise regularly – If you do have diabetes, you need to start an exercise regimen. Losing a bit of weight, like seven percent of your body weight, and exercising 30 minutes daily can help lower the risk of type 2 diabetes by at least 58 percent. Try to add resistance training to your weekly routine since it can boost your insulin sensitivity. Resistance training is a form of exercise that boosts muscular strength and endurance. This kind of training workout involves the movement of your limbs against resistance provided by your body weight. You can also use bands, dumbbells, or weighted bars.
  • Follow a healthier diet – If you eat a lot of junk food, start eating healthier. Limit your intake of saturated and trans fats, salt, and sugar. Eat more fruit, healthy fats, lean protein, non-starchy vegetables, and whole grains.

Being diagnosed with diabetes doesn’t mean the end of the world. By making several lifestyle changes, you can avoid the long-term complications associated with this condition.


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