Top 12 GMO-promoting information sources to AVOID at all costs

This article was originally published by our friends at Natural News

One of the worst things that can happen to you in life is when you are educated improperly. Learning false information, propaganda and distorted facts leads to bad decisions and a thought “infrastructure” that takes twice the amount of work to deconstruct and rebuild properly. The concept and scientific craft of genetically modifying organisms is complex, and for the most part, Americans do not understand exactly what is going on in the biotechnology laboratories. What’s worse is the trove of lies and fabricated research published online that fools the masses into believing GMOs are good for the environment, humans and the future of food.

The truth is that consuming chemicals leads directly to most of the diseases and disorders suffered by Americans today. Genetically modified foods contain, in the genes of the plants themselves, toxic insecticides, herbicides and other pesticides. You can’t wash that off. No matter how much rogue scientists and “academics” try to convince you that GMOs can help farmers increase yield, kill pesky insects, avoid drought and use less water, the trade off for human health is never worth it.

Exposing the most sinister GMO shills, hacks, hucksters, quacks, charlatans and propagandists alive today

Imagine if every medical journal right now swore up and down that every case of cancer was inherited from your parents, would you give up the fight and just stop eating healthy foods altogether? What if you visited 12 medical doctors and every single one of them told you that drinking 12 ounces of weed killer each day helped prevent dementia and cured irritable bowel syndrome, would you run to Home Depot or Lowe’s and buy an economy size jug of Roundup and pour a glass for yourself and each of your children today?

Consider the possibility that the majority of scientists that promote GMOs are paid big bucks to do so, regardless of the science and health facts behind them. Also contemplate the fact that medical colleges in America do NOT teach classes on nutrition, so how could any medical doctor give you advice about preventable diseases caused by processed foods and pesticide-laden crops, especially when those same doctors are pushing chemical-laced pills that cover up the symptoms and pain that stem from toxic food consumption habits? You must be very careful from where you derive your information regarding food safety, agriculture threats and natural remedies for preventable diseases. This is paramount to your education, your health and the future of food.

Propaganda runs deep: Take a close look at the 12 WORST purveyors of twisted research and mutated Frankenfood information

#1. Washington Post (“WashPo”) – Yes, there are plenty of journalists who lie for money and they do it well. They use buzz words they steal from the organic world, such as sustainable, safe and efficient. For example, Tamar Haspel is a “WashPo” food columnist who regurgitates agrichemical company scripts. Haspel once moderated a North Carolina Biotechnology Center panel to push GMO business and propaganda in the Big Tobacco state. Haspel outright admits to accepting big money from biotech conglomerates to spew their lies as facts. During a Twitter conversation, when referring to how much money she made, she typed: “Since any group believing biotech has something to offer is a ‘front group,’ plenty!”

#2. GMO Answers – This website is ironically not scientific at all, but simply a manipulative response to intelligent questions that challenge the safety of chemicals woven into the food supply. Shill scientists and huckster journalists are hired by Monsanto to trick any skeptics of biotechnology into believing their scripted lies. The writers at repeatedly claim there are mountains of scientific evidence and research that prove the safety and efficacy of biotechnology, but that’s simply not true. There is no “world consensus” and there probably never will be one.

#3. American Heart Association (AHA) – The AHA literally posts recipes on their main website that cause heart disease, cancer and diabetes. For the worst advice possible about food habits that prevent heart disease, the AHA has your number. They even promote toxic vegetable oils!

#4. American Cancer Society (ACS) – Since ACS was created a century ago, cancer cases in America have steadily increased. They’ve promoted cigarettes, processed foods, vaccines and GMOs, saying all of them are safe and effective. Their fake war on cancer is nothing but propaganda. Never donate a penny or a moment of your time to these corporate fraudsters.

#5. Susan Komen Foundation – How can a “drive” sponsored by fried chicken (KFC that’s loaded with hydrogenated oils and MSG) and alcohol (Mike’s Hard Lemonade) promote the “search for the cure?” They say organic food is unsafe while pushing women to be radiated with lots of mammograms. What a farce! Their slogan should be “Komen for the Cause.”

#6. Facebook and Twitter – The ultimate censors of natural cures and natural remedies are the sneakiest crooks who run social media platforms. Posts about real cures for preventable diseases and disorders simply get banned, blocked and erased, without any warnings or notices. It’s just business as usual for corporate America, Big Food and Big Pharma – policing social media and blacklisting actual food education while promoting anything GMO.

#7. Google – Searching for the cure for anything? You won’t find it using the world’s most popular search engine. Try for factual info about the dangers of consuming GMOs.

#8. American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) – Founded by the Queen of Junk Science, ACSH is a front for GMO promoters. Believe nothing you read at their website.

#9. Forbes – Their favorite hack writer is Jon Entine, a violent psychopath who shills for Monsanto. Enough said.

#10. Genetic Literacy Project – Want your kids to believe that eating bug killer and weed destroying chemicals are good for health and happiness? This brainwashing website should be called the Genetic Illiteracy Project, because it’s all propaganda for Monsanto.

#11. Council for Biotechnology Information (CBI) – Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the CBI is a coalition of the world’s largest chemical-industrial giants that push synthetic, toxic pesticides off as safe and beneficial. Prime time players include BASF, Bayer, Dow Chemical, DuPont, Monsanto, Novartis, Zeneca Ag, Syngenta, Cargill, and Aventis CropScience.

#12. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – This corporate business is no regulatory agency at all. Their job is to push chemical-laced medicine for doctors to quell the symptoms of disease and disorder caused by FDA-approved chemical-laden food, including using tax-payer money to promote Frankenfoods. It’s all a Ponzi scheme and if you don’t think so, then YOU are the conspiracy theorist.

For more truthful information about the decimation of our health and planet due to toxic pesticides and carcinogenic herbicides, check out and, where the truth is published without interference from corporate monsters or biotechnology information thugs. You have complete control over what you consume, and that includes information as well as food. Eat clean and study hard. Knowledge is power.


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