What Advertising Would Look Like If Mega Corporations Told the Truth

This article was originally published by our friends at RealFarmacy

For more than a decade now, I’ve researched public relations, psychology, anthropology and mind control almost daily. And when you do this, you begin to see the world very differently.

Eventually, you begin to apprehend that most are literally under some form of subtle mind control, and that it’s actually quite easy to manipulate the average person’s mind, since they have never been educated on how to identify and protect themselves from these insidious influences.

One such method of deception, commonly employed by propagandists and public relations experts, is the manipulation of our associative memory.

Associative memory is when a particular learning experience becomes intertwined, or associated, with another.

Have you ever heard a song that immediately makes you very sad or happy? Maybe a certain smell brings back a powerful memory? Perhaps when you visit a certain place you have “flash backs?” That’s because your associative memory is at work.

Now, if you are not aware of how this process works, you can easily be deceived, and this is precisely what corporations do through their marketing and advertising schemes.

In an effort to help people see these unethical corporations as they really are, rather than as their propagandist specialists would like us to believe them to be, I collected some clever images from around the web, and wrote a brief, but concise, exposition on each of them.



McDonald’s is well known for its unhealthy foods. Back in 2004, Morgan Spurlock decided he would live off the fast food giant for one month, to see if it really was as bad as people were claiming.

Within those 30 days, the then 32-year-old Morgan gained a mind blowing 24 1/2 pounds, his cholesterol levels reached dangerous levels, as did fatty accumulation in his liver.

He also experienced depression, mood swings, low energy, intense heart palpitations, signs of becoming addicted to the food and even sexual dysfunction.

McDonald’s has also been caught serving expired meatspreading low wages, abusive conditions and union-busting,” and wage theft, poverty-level pay and mistreatment of pregnant workers around the globe. They have also been caught sourcing their meat from multiple companies that abuse and torture animals.

Thus this fat deranged obese clown is much more appropriate for children to see, as opposed to a deceptive average built smiling clown, that fools our associative memory into thinking eating their unhealthy food is fun, exciting and relatively healthy.


Aside from the fact that Kellogg’s has spent millions of dollars ensuring GMO foods are not labelled (because they use them in their products), they also use high fructose corn syrup, which is linked to a number of diseases and health problems.

They also had a massive recall on several of their brands in 2010 and 2012 for potentially harmful ingredients, one of them potentially carcinogenic.

In 2010, they were also found to have engaged in deceptive advertising practices, regarding some of the alleged health benefits of their cereals. In 2013, they got caught spreading propaganda and “education” about “white privilege,” which some people consider to be inciting racial division and tension.

But perhaps the most disturbing scandal the company was caught in, is in 2016 when Amnesty International found Kellogg’s palm oil provider Wilmar International were using 8 to 14-year-old children for slave labor and engaging in human trafficking.

Kellogg’s claimed ignorance of the matter, but Amnesty’s Human’s Rights Director suggested this was not true.

Thus these two images, which portray the Truth about the deception, propaganda, slave labor, and unhealthy living associated with the multi billion dollar corporation, are much more accurate than the friendly, happy-go-lucky characters that fool us into believing otherwise.


Although the original Colonel Sanders may not have envisioned a massive international corporation that fuels the factory farming industry, which is renowned for its unethical treatment and outright torture of innocent animals; that is precisely what is going on today.

What these poor animals experience — in this case, chickens — is beyond disturbing to say the least, and enough to make a narcissist cringe.

You can watch the video for yourself below (I understand Pamela Anderson is not the ideal source for information but please try focus on the message rather than the messenger);

KFC is actually owned by parent company Yum! Brands, which also controls other unhealthy fast food stores, including Taco BellPizza Hut, and WingStreet.

Of course, KFC is not alone in fueling the factory farming industry — which the World Health Organization said is linked to cancer — the aforementioned McDonald’s, and the overwhelming majority of fast food giants around the globe do so too — and they should be boycotted as a result.

Thus this psychotic looking colonel is a more appropriate depiction of KFC than the original friendly warm old guy, which gives no indication of the murder and suffering that goes on behind the scenes.

In fact, this is an accurate representation of the entire factory farming industry, which keep us ignorant about where our “food” comes from; which is plain old torture and murder — whether we want to face that harsh Truth or not.


Proctor and Gamble, the parent company of Mr. Clean, has a long history of conducting unethical experiments and tests on innocent animals, including cats and dogs.

Like Kellogg’s, P&G sourced their palm oil from Wilmar International who were using small children for slave labor and engaging in human trafficking practices. Like Kellogg’s, the multi billion dollar giant claimed they didn’t know.

The company has also been caught manipulating the market through price fixing, and was fined nearly $1 million in China for false advertising claims.

For a list of companies to shop from that do NOT test their products on animals, please go HERE and HERE


One of the lowest possible things anyone can ever do, is deceive innocent children — especially mentally challenged children — and then abuse them through unethical experimentation. And that’s precisely what PepsiCo’s subsidiary, Quaker State Oats did.

In the 1940s and 1950s, researchers from the Quaker State Oats Company, MIT and Harvard University carried out illegal experiments at the Walter E. Fernald State School on mentally challenged children.

Parents were told that their kids would simply be eating Quaker State Oats, but what they were not told is that the food their children were being fed was laced with radioactive calcium and iron as part of a covert experiment.

In 1998 the company paid $1.85 million to their victims.

Their parent company, Pepsico — like Kelloggs mentioned above — spent $2.5 million to prevent genetically modified foods from being labelled because they also use them in their products. The company has also been in the spotlight for contributing to deforestationhuman rights violationspoverty wages, and child labor.

It should also be mentioned that another lawsuit was filed against Quaker Oats for misleading consumers by portraying their foods as being healthy, even though they contained trans fats, which have been linked to heart diseasecancer, and diabetes.

Quaker Oats Company also produce Cap’n Crunch, Life cereal, Quisp, Mother’s Natural Foods, Mr. T cereal, King Vitamin, Aunt Jemima, Rice-A-Roni, Chew granola bars, Honey monster puffs, and Scott’s porage oats, amongst other name brands which should all be boycotted considering this companies inexcusable history.


Sometimes referred to as “the world’s most evil corporation,” Monsanto has a long history of unethical behavior and human rights abuses that make the rest of these companies look like amateurs.

Monsanto was originally founded as a chemical company, and were instrumental in the development of the first ever nuclear weapons in the Manhattan project. They also helped destroy Vietnam with their development of Agent Orange (a deadly herbicide and defoliant chemical) that has resulted in roughly one million Vietnamese with disabilities and deformities, including 100,000 children.

The U.S. government has also documented significantly higher cases of leukemia, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and different kinds of cancer in veterans that were exposed to the dangerous chemical. Monsanto also caused massive amounts of environmental damage in Vietnam, where more than 3,100,000 hectares of forest were contaminated and destroyed. By any measure of logic, the company should be forced to pay all of its earnings to the people of Vietnam (who suffer to this day) as reparations, and then also forced to shut down.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg for Monsanto.

The company has been caught bribing scientistsforeign government officials, and censoring news stories through Fox News. They’ve been linked to India’s epidemic of farmer’s committing suicidebullying independent farmers, and — despite claiming to distance itself from its controversial past — the company still works with the military and produces white phosphorous according to government documents.

The Truth is this company has such a long history of corruption that, that they should be shut down for good. But that will most likely never happen since the company’s tentacles reach high up into politics, and other circles of power and influence. For example, Michael Taylor — a former vice president of Monsanto — was appointed by Barack Obama (who claimed he would label GMO’s when running for president but never did) as senior adviser to the FDA. If that’s not a conflict of interest, I don’t know what is.

You can watch a documentary and exposition on Monsanto below:

It should also be mentioned that Monsanto has since merged with Bayer, a company with a history of human rights abuses and corruption so bad that they actually rival Monsanto.

Their parent company, IG Farben, used Jewish slave labor during world war 2 and helped produce Zyklon B, which was used to murder hundreds of thousands of Jews. In 1978, the company knowingly released products that contained HIV infected blood, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of people who died from AIDS. They later paid “tens of millions of dollars” to the victims and their families.

In 2001, they indirectly poisoned two dozen children in Peru. In 2006 and 2007, it was discovered that more than 30 countries world wide had their crops infected by an illegal strain of genetically modified crops created by Beyer. In 2011 they were accused of hiding information about the dangers of one of their products by former FDA Commissioner David Kessler. This product (Yaz birth control) has been linked to at least 23 women’s deaths.

As you can see, both of these companies can justifiably be called evil for obvious reasons. Thus an image invoking the mental association of hell is a more authentic representation of their true character.


Nestle is another massive corporation enveloped in human rights abuses and other notable unethical practices.

In the 1970s Nestle began aggressively marketing a new baby formula through the use of propaganda and underhanded policies that made it sound like their product was scientifically proven to be just as good as a mother’s breast milk. They primarily targeted the poor, and also handed out free samples of their “milk” to hospitals. This reportedlyresulted in the malnutrition of many babies, and even some deaths.

This policy of propaganda and deceptive marketing, followed by reports of babies deaths emerged again in 2011 in Asia. In 2008 they were once again caught using deceptive marketing, this time for their bottled water products.

In 2005 a major law suit was filed against Nestle (and other major chocolate producers) for using child slave labor in Africa, which continues to this day. They have also admitted to employing slave labor in Asia (although the company claims that this was not intentional). In 2007, Nestle also agreed to pay $9 million for the price fixing of chocolate (along with Cadbury Adams who paid $5.7 million, Hersheys who paid $5.3 million and Mars who paid $3.2 million) in Canada in an unrelated case.

In 2015, it was discovered that Nestle’s permit to draw water from the San Bernadino national forest expired in 1988. Yet in spite of this, the BBC reports that Nestle extracted 36 million gallons of water out the region, which they then bottled at an astronomical profit. If that’s not infuriating enough, the company was doing this during a 5 year major drought and water crisis, even though the civilian population were forced to cut back on their water usage. A group of environmental organizations filed a law suit against Nestle for this.

The company also made news headlines in 2013, when their CEO proclaimed access to water should not be a human right on camera. Additionally, according to The National“At the World Water Forum in the Netherlands in 2000, Nestlé and other corporations with a financial interest in controlling the world’s drinking water succeeded in having access to it officially downgraded from a ‘right’ to a mere ‘need’.” 


Apple is one of the most popular and innovative companies on the planet. They make some incredible gadgets, but when it comes to human rights, Apple is shamefully uninnovative.

In 2006, The Mail on Sunday did an undercover investigation into working conditions in China and discovered what could justifiably be called human rights abuses. The company made workers put in shifts of 12 hours a day (some of them 15 hours) for just £27 – £54 a month (they were also forced to live on site and pay for their own food, which came out of their paycheck).

The key corporation employed by Apple, is Foxconn, a Chinese multinational electronics company with a horrible reputation for its abuse of workers (including physically abusing them), along with child labor, and has been referred to as both a “sweat shop” and a “labor camp“.

The company gained international recognition after more than a dozen of their workers committed suicide in 2010 by jumping from the building due to harsh working conditions. In 2012 150 workers threatened to commit suicide if working conditions were not improved. The company has since placed “suicide prevention” nets around its facilities to prevent this from happening, and claimed they would also increase wages.

Apple, however, is just one of Foxconn’s clients. The company also manufactures other major products, including BlackBerry, Nintendo, Nokia, PlayStation, Xbox, and Amazon Kindle. Unfortunately most of us are guilty of purchasing these products, including myself, but that doesn’t make it okay or absolve us of personal responsibility.

It should also be mentioned that a key mineral that has been used in Apple’s iPhone is coltan, which is mostly found in the Democratic Republic of Congo — one of the richest pieces of land on the planet — yet has some of the poorest people due to foreign exploitation. The mining of this mineral is often done by child labor. Since the public has become more aware of this, Apple has claimed they will no longer source from the DRC.

In 2013, leaked NSA documents showed that the spy agency has access to Apple’s user’s private data, including text messages, photos, personal location, microphone, and camera. Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL were included, and all companies denied knowing about it.


The short answer to that question, is vote with your wallet. All of us need to understand that every time we make a purchase, we are unconsciously making a choice about the type of world we would like to live in.

When we give our cash to corporations that abuse innocent animals and experiment on them, whether we consciously realize it or not, we are choosing to support that practice and live in a world where animal experimentation and abuse is considered normal.

When we eat a chocolate, or buy a cell phone from a company that uses child labor, whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we are choosing to support that inexcusable practice.

If we want to do our part in helping to create a better world, then we need to obviously stop giving our hard earned money to companies and corporations that do not align with our code of ethics and integrity. Would you give your money to an animal abuser or a human trafficker and encourage them to continue what they are doing? So then why give your money to corporations that employ these types of practices?

These companies of course, will always claim that they don’t know this behavior is going on. But when you seek out the absolute cheapest labor you can possibly find on the planet, of course abuses of this nature will go on, it’s really not rocket science. These massive multi billion dollar corporations could easily raise wages and company standards but their primary concern is in making a profit, not making the world a better place.

They could still be highly successful competitive corporations that are multi million dollar enterprises, who invest much of their pay into human rights, animal rights, and making the world a better place, but they simply do not care about this, and so I do not believe them when they claim ignorance on these wrong doings. And I do not believe we should be rewarding companies that conduct themselves in this shameful and pathetic manner.

Instead we need to reward ethical companies and support them, which will also encourage the other companies to get their asses in line with ethical proceedings. Sure, it might cost a bit more, and maybe it will mean we have to research the companies we buy products from, and perhaps it will even inconvenience us a little bit, but at least we will have a clean conscience when we look in the mirror.

At least we will know we aren’t helping to contribute to the inexcusable and preventable suffering that’s going on all around us on this planet, and I don’t know about you, but for me self approval is much more important than saving a few bucks. Knowing we are actually helping to create positive change, rather than contributing to an unjust system automatically gives our lives some positive meaning and purpose.

I am also aware of the argument that it gives the poor people in these regions an opportunity to at least make some money, but if we are truly concerned with raising their standard of living there are much better ways to do so, such as legitimate non profit organizations. We should not be supporting this sick system, we should be looking for ways to create a better one, while also starving it of our support.

It should also be mentioned that this list is just the tip of the iceberg obviously, and these companies are just a few of many that engage in this type of unethical behavior that is rooted in this Matrix like system. As time permits, I will also revisit this blog and add new corporations to the list, but the point remains unchanged; we need to take personal responsibility for the choices we make when buying consumer goods or foods, and stop supporting companies that engage in unethical practices and instead start supporting the ones that strive to embody integrity.

This starts first by educating ourselves and then educating others, and this blog is a good place for people to start their journey to disillusionment.

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