Why I Eat The Same Breakfast And Lunch Every Day

2. The Good and the Not So Good

I certainly wish I was perfect when it comes to wellbeing, but like everyone else, I’m good at some things and not so great at others.  Let’s see…

Here’s the good list:

  • Very motivated to exercise every day!  I can’t live without it physically or mentally.  Usually involves a 30-minute DVD in the morning plus something else in the day (walk, jog, hike, swim, bike…depends on the season, the weather and my schedule).  On the weekends I include tennis as well.
  • Love vegetables and healthy foods that make me feel great.
  • Can easily do without sugary drinks, alcohol, candy, chips, dips, bread
  • Love to food prep and make simple but healthy meals for my family.
  • Always walk when possible, and take the stairs not elevators/escalators.
  • Pretty diligent about sleeping 7 to 8 hours per night.  Personally I think sleep is the number one ingredient to good health (or at least as important as eating well) and certainly key to my sanity.

Okay, and here is the not so good list:

  • Semi addicted to sugar.  I’m working on this.  But I’m better off having no cookie, than just one (which is never just one….never even just two quite frankly).
  • And on that note, semi addicted to nut butters.  I wish I could keep a jar at home and have one spoon a day of almond or peanut butter….but I’ve tried and fail 9/10 times.  So now, I just don’t ever buy it.  Shame, because in moderation it is a great thing!
  • Love, love, love to bake and make desserts.  But this certainly doesn’t help with the semi-addiction to sugar.
  • Not so great at chilling out and making time for total relaxation.  I have generous friends and family who have given me gift certificates for massages, facials, the works — and I have yet to redeem most of them (going on three years for one of these!).  Not good.  I think chilling out is key to wellbeing just like sleep.  And it certainly makes us more pleasant to be around.
  • Always strive to drink more water than I do…aside from morning coffee, it’s all I drink, but I could be related to a camel because sometimes I don’t find it necessary, yet I know it is.