Why I Eat The Same Breakfast And Lunch Every Day

3. Meal Planning Helps!

I’ve decided that in order to make wellbeing (and life) simpler for me, eating just about the same thing for breakfast and lunch really helps!  It helps with meal planning (I only have to figure out dinners, when the whole family is together), saving time, less decision making, and since I love to work (and work out), it really helps maximize my productivity on any given day.

I’m not sure a nutritionist would agree that this is the best route for maximum health, however, since I have put together two meals that I think are pretty optimum in terms of all the good food groups, I think it’s not too shabby.  And most importantly, I feel great when I eat like this!  I think we all just need to figure out what kind of food makes  us feel good and then go for it without restricting any of the healthy food groups!

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Way back when, I remember joining the low carb, low fat trend and boy did it mess with me in so many ways!  Firstly, it totally fueled my sugar addiction!  It also made me obsessed by food because my body was never actually nutritionally satisfied.  As soon as I was done having lunch I was hungry an hour later, and already looking for something to eat (usually nothing nutritious).  When the kids came home from school and sat down for a snack I would have an apple as planned and then continue to nibble until dinner.  By the time my healthy dinner was served, I was hardly hungry!

These days I’ve learned that eating from all food groups is necessary for optimum health and to satisfy unhealthy cravings.

I’ve also learned to measure out the quantities of food I need to eat so that I don’t overdo it on the healthy foods either (it’s all about eating enough, but staying moderate….sadly half a jar of healthy almond butter is too much…).  So to that end, this is what and why I eat the same breakfast and lunch every day (if and when I get sick of this, of course I will switch to something else!):

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