These 50 Facts About The Rainforest Remind Us Of What We’re Fighting For.


Earth’s rainforests are in danger, be it from logging or farming. It’s important that we protect these beautiful environments intact.

Here are 50 fascinating facts about the rainforest:

  1. Rainforests provide us with 40% of the oxygen we breathe. I like breathing a lot, personally.
  2. Rainforests receive 12 hours of sunlight a day (being predominantly equatorial)
  3. The average rainfall in the rainforest is 200 centimeters a year. That’s a lot of rain!
  4. The rainforest is typically between 20 and 35 degrees Celsius.
  5. The Blue Morpho butterfly, which travels through all the layers of the rainforest and flies high enough to be seen by pilots, lives for 115 days.
  6. You can travel through the rainforest of Australia in a cable car. At least for 7.5 kilometers.
  7. The tallest trees in the rainforest grow to about 150 feet.
  8. The harpy eagle grows to weigh about 20 pounds. It’s strong enough to lift prey like monkeys and macaws.
  9. The average male orangutan can grow to be 220 pounds.
  10. A single hectare of the rainforest contains 200 species on average.
  11. Some butterflies get huge, with wingspans as big as 8 inches.
  12. The flying lemur can glide for up to 230 feet. I wish I could do that!
  13. Each canopy tree releases about 760 liters of water into the atmosphere.
  14. More species live in the canopy of the rainforest than elsewhere.
  15. The rainforest canopy is about 20 feet thick.
  16. Some creatures live their whole lives in the canopy, never touching the ground.
  17. Some canopy trees are able to produce 120,000 fruit per year. Yum!
  18. Each type of tree in the canopy supports about 30 different species of insect.
  19. The average sloth sleeps for a total of ten hours. What a life!
  20. Scientists found 950 different beetles in a single tree in the rainforest of Panama. Nice.
  21. The Kinkajou, or honeybear, has a tongue that grows to be 12.5 cm long.
  22. At most, only 15% of the sun’s light reaches the shrub level of the rainforest.
  23. “Bioprospecting” was a term given to the act of going into the rainforest with the intent of finding plants for food, medication and cosmetics.
  24. It takes 10-15 years to identify a rainforest plant as useful to humanity.
  25. There are 150 different species of butterfly under the canopy of the rainforest.
  26. The shrub level of the rainforest is where chocolate comes from.
  27. There are more than 2500 species of vine that grows in the rainforest.
  28. Banana trees reach 15 feet tall in the under-canopy and are a great source of food for animals.
  29. Many common houseplants are native to the rainforest. That’s part of why they thrive in our dim homes.
  30. 70% of cancer fighting plants are from the rainforest.
  31. Even though canopy trees are tall, they can often only spread their roots 30 feet.
  32. Only 2% of the sun’s light reaches the rainforest floor.
  33. 10% of the world’s animals can be found in the rainforest.
  34. A bromeliad can hold 12 gallons of water in its leaves.
  35. There are 30 million humans in the rainforest.
  36. The world’s smallest frog, in the rainforest of Papua New Guinea is 7mm.
  37. 10 people have been killed by the golden dart frog.
  38. The average humidity level in the rainforest is 77-88%. Muggy!
  39. The giant millipede can grow to be a good long. Yikes!
  40. 6% of the Earth’s land surface is rainforest.
  41. It takes 1-2 years for the forest floor to be farmed on after deforestation.
  42. The Mbuti people of the African rainforest grow only to 5 feet tall. This enables them to move quickly through the rainforest.
  43. There are hundreds of species that live beneath the soil of the rainforest.
  44. The rainforest’s soil is red due to high aluminum and iron content.
  45. Roots in the rainforest are incredibly shallow.
  46. The Goliath bird eating spider’s legspan is 1.12 inches. It burrows beneath the soil of the rainforest.
  47. The Amazon rainforest is thought to have the largest caves on Earth.
  48. Many rainforest caves are unexplored. Their biodiversity undiscovered.
  49. There are 3,000 species of fish in the Amazon river alone.
  50. 20% of the world’s fresh water is contained in the amazon.


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