Be The Solution: Support This Crowdfunded Tidal Energy Plant.

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Here’s the deal. Technology changes so rapidly, but we create the energy we need to power that technology using 20th century power plants. Today’s power plants still burn things like coal and natural gas, while all other technologies quickly advance. In the 21st century, this is unacceptable.

Click here to visit the IndieGoGo campaign for Crowd Energy.

Crown Energy is a renewable utilities company with 150 years of combined experience in studying the ocean. They’ve been researching the development of utility-scale ocean turbines for almost a decade, and now, they want your help raising the funds necessary to build a utility-scale system for testing at Florida Atlantic University. This would present a viable solution to climate change, rising energy demands, and the pollution created by today’s power plants.

From their IndieGoGo campaign:

While the world talks about the problems of climate change, we have been working on solutions. You’ve probably thought about how you want to use more clean and safe energy, but don’t know how. Through Crowd Energy, you can be part of a solution that is a game changer in renewable technologies.

We need your help in raising money to test our Ocean Utility Turbine. We will be working with Florida Atlantic University, that works with the US Department of Energy, to validate the Ocean Utility Turbine performance.

Most people do not realize the ocean is constantly moving – like giant flowing underwater rivers that circle the globe. Crowd Energy has developed nature approved technology that safely and efficiently harness these underwater currents to convert into utility-scale electricity and fresh drinkable water.

The turbine’s proprietary design offers groundbreaking improvements over current ocean technology. By maximizing power density, these giant turbines harness ocean power that can relieve total dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

The faster we reach our goal, the faster we will deliver a viable solution for countries around the world to tap into an everlasting source of clean energy and water – a utility two-in-one. Let’s slash carbon intensity and focus on renewable possibilities.


Crowd Energy is comprised of engineers, inventors, scientists, and visionaries backed by environmentalists, celebrities, and individuals like you and me who believe the world can be a better place. Additionally, the team has specialists in subsea engineering, electrical engineering, fabrication and design.

“Imagine nerds in wetsuits and flippers…

The demand for energy is ever increasing. Our appetite for power has been a ravaging force on this planet, but projects like these can help meet the demands that we typically would rely on fossil fuels for. Crowd Energy is our opportunity to work together.

We can’t expect the government to step in and help us at all. Congress is gridlocked and, moreover, they’d refuse to vote on renewable energy solutions anyway. Fossil fuel energy companies have poisoned them against the interests of all of us. From Crowd Energy:

We are here to lead innovation in clean and safe sources of energy and water around the globe. We are Crowd Energy because our primary initiative is to build a clean energy crowd, where projects are funded by forward thinkers, working-class citizens, environmentalists, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and investors. Together, we are ensuring our future is clean and sustainable.

But what about the turbine itself? How does it work? Is it safe? From the project’s IndieGoGo page:

Before we talk about our turbine, we need you to understand that The Crowd Energy design team spends more time underwater than on land. Every aspect of our turbine was designed for the water.

Now to the good stuff. Utilizing a large surface area, and a special blade design, the turbine is able to harness ocean energy at very high efficiency. The 3-array design takes into account changing currents and tides.

Eco-Friendly Generator – The generator module has been specifically designed for the Ocean Utility Turbine. It is the result of eight years of research and testing. Its primary goal is not to create a negative impact on the marine environment. The second goal is to produce electricity at the maximum possible efficiency while providing decades of reliable service in harsh ocean environments.

Slow Rotation – The slow rotation produces less impact on the environment, while creating less wear on turbine components allowing longer service and less maintenance. Slow rotation also allows turbine blades to move at the speed of the current, allowing marine life to safely swim through.

Magnetic Shield – The Ocean Utility Turbine’s generator is designed to be completely magnetically shielded. This shielding prevents the generator from producing any rotating magnetic fields or transverse electromagnetic radiation that could affect the surrounding marine environment. The power transmission lines are also shielded to prevent electromagnetic radiation. Every effort has been made to ensure the protection of the environment.

Direct Drive – By designing around direct drive technology we have greatly reduced the number of moving parts and greatly increased long term reliability. Direct drive drastically reduces service and maintenance intervals resulting in reducing potential down time. Direct drive is also an average of 30% more efficient than conventional transmission and variable torque power generation.

Harmonic Damping – The Ocean Utility Turbine’s generator is designed to have one moving part that is precision balanced for the reduction of harmonic vibration. The absence of brushes, commutators, clutches, gears, and transmissions in the generator design allow the generator to produce maximum power without producing substantial vibration “noise” that could disturb the marine environment.

So once it’s been totally funded, what exactly is the plan?

Their first step is to test commercial scale turbines at FAU’s SNMREC facilities. Then, they’ll build and validate utility scale turbines. Finally, they launch Crowd Utility, a 100% renewable energy utility company.

Additionally, here are actionable steps to take right now:

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  6. Get others involved. Talk to friends, families, and organizations you are a part of and share these same easy steps with them.


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