All-Female Auto Shop Will Do Your Hair And Nails While Your Car Gets Fixed

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Women are tired of getting ripped off when they visit the mechanic, which is why the Girls Auto Clinic was founded.

Credit: Auto Girls Clinic

Most women expect to be ripped off when they visit a car dealership or an auto mechanic, which is why the Girls Auto Clinic was founded. And, it’s doing more than soothing females’ anxieties about fixing or tuning up their cars: it’s helping to establish a healthy relationship between women and the automotive industry.

Of course, it helps that the females who stop to talk shop also receive beauty services, such as manicures, pedicures, and blowouts. 

The Girls Auto Clinic is located near Philadelphia and was opened in 2013 by Patrice Banks. Only recently was the ‘Beauty Bar’ installed, however, but it’s bringing the establishment a whole lot of fame.

Safe & relaxing environment

While women wait for their cars to be serviced, they can relax knowing they are in a safe environment and can also get ‘prepped’ for running errands, reports HelloGiggles. It also affords some down time for females who are always on-the-go due to the hectic lifestyles of today.

The ultimate aim of the Girls Auto Clinic is to empower women to believe they, too, can become #sheCANics.

This is the Girls Auto Clinic, an all-female staffed body shop.

Credit: Auto Girls Clinic

While waiting for their cars to be serviced, women will receive treatments from the Beauty Bar.

The Girls Auto Clinic offers manicures, pedicures, and blowouts.

Credit: Auto Girls Clinic

It was founded by Patrice Banks in 2013.

Credit: Auto Girls Clinic

It’s a place where women can feel empowered about their relationship with the automotive industry.

“Our customers come to feel confident about themselves, their cars, and their buying choices,” wrote Banks.

Credit: Auto Girls Clinic

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