Will the Aquaponics trend lead to the downfall of Monsanto?

Farmers are turning to aquaponics for non-GMO produce for consumers that are wanting to avoid Monsanto seeds, glyphosate and GMOs. It is locally sourced healthy produce year round that allows the earth to replenish itself from the overuse of chemicals.

[quote_center]“The world is moving toward change, toward sustainability.  If we do not find a way within our communities to be sustainable then we will extinguish the Earth’s ability to provide for us.  It starts with one person.”[/quote_center]

This is exactly what Monica & Rob Helkey, the owners of Hidden Valley Homestead, believe and why they have begun a journey to teach others how to be sustainable in spite of Monsanto.

Hidden Valley Homestead began in 2013 with the need to provide for family and friends.  It is a lifelong culmination of research, learning and dreams and is realized on 110 acres of beauty and 3500 square feet of solar greenhouses like you have never seen.

The greenhouses at Hidden Valley Homestead are filled with aquaponics systems.  These systems consist of deep water troughs that contain rafts where plants grow happily.  On the other end of the system is a large fish tank which provides the plants with necessary fertilizer and nutrients to grow quickly and abundantly.  It is a life cycle within a well-insulated building with a curved roof that allows 100% of the sun onto the plants.  Everything is organic because it has to be.  The fish require “no chemicals” and the owners happily comply.

Hidden Valley Homestead provides what is called a CSA or Community Supported Agriculture.  With each membership, customers can reap the benefits of fresh locally grown vegetables, herbs and other items as well as occasional get-togethers and an onsite Farmer’s Market in the summer. In the near future, the farm will also host training seminars for aquaponics on a family scale and open its doors for volunteers and schools and other groups to learn how to provide for their future as well.

For more information, tour the facility, and to become a member of the CSA contact

Monica & Rob Helkey
Hidden Valley Homestead
Foley, MO


[email protected]


Issued by the owners of Hidden Valley Homestead, LLC