5 Of The Worst Breakfast Foods For Kids And DIY Healthier Options

3. Muffins


They are usually loaded with trans fat oils, tons of refined sugars and sodium. It’s like eating cake for breakfast. How can you offer a healthier muffin?  Make your own and add some fruits or veggies. Great for picky eaters too. My kids love homemade muffins. They are so easy to make and you can experiment with different fruit and veggie combinations.

Healthier option: Choose muffins that are made with whole grains or gluten free varieties, and fruits/veggies.

Best option: Healthy Zucchini Carrot Muffins or Super Healthy Banana Muffins. Your kids will be very excited about their muffins in the morning.

Granola/Breakfast Bars


Marketing and labels will fool you into thinking these bars are a good option for breakfast but the reality is most granola and breakfast bars are just made with refined carbs, sugars, preservatives, and may be no better nutritionally than a candy bar.

Healthier option: Look for breakfast bars made made with healthy fats such as nuts and seeds. I like KIND Bars because of their cleaner ingredients and good flavor combinations.

Best option:  Try making Almond Bites. Only 3 ingredients and packed with nutrition to start your kid’s day full of energy. They are super easy to make and there is no need to bake them.

Breakfast Pastries


It is so easy to just give your kid a danish, a pop-tart, or even a croissant for breakfast. All of those are very unhealthy without having to further explain why. It is pretty obvious that these highly processed foods are not good options for your kid’s breakfast. They are all fat, empty calories, and sugar with absolutely no fiber or quality protein.

Healthier option: Choose 100% whole wheat, or Sprouted Grain Bread (my favorite kind) and make a Teddy Bear Toast. Good source of fiber. You can add protein with the nut butter and more nutrition if you add fresh fruits.

Best option: Make your own 3 Ingredient Banana Bread Cookies. Made with quick oats, bananas and coconut oil. These cookies are also delicious and great for starting your kid’s day.

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