9 Fingernail Signs That May Indicate Health Issues

Your nails can reveal about your overall health issues. Many serious health issues along with serious problems in lungs, liver and heart can be seen and detected early through your fingernails.

All the hidden secrets about your nails are revealed over here:


Although pale nails are many times linked with ageing but it could also be an early sign of few serious illness like Anemia, Liver Disease, Malnutrition, Congestive Heart Failure and Diabetes.Pale Nails


If your nails are are mostly white but also have darker rims then it could be an indication to a liver problem, like Hepatitis or Jaundice.White Nails

Yellow Nails:

In most of the cases yellow nails are caused due to a fungal infection, and as the infection becomes worse, the nail crumbles and the nail bed. In very rare cases, having yellow nails can also be a result of a very severe issue like like Psoriasis or Thyroid Disease.

Yellow Nails

Bluish Nails:

It can be due to the fact that your body may not be getting adequate oxygen, which could be due to a lung infection like Pneumonia.Bluish Nails


If the nail surface is rippled of the tip, it may be an early sign of ailments like Inflammatory Arthritis or Psoriasis (it is a skin ailment which starts from the nails in almost 10% of the cases)Rippled Nails


Brittle dry nails which split or crack often, have been considered to be a signal of Thyroid Disease. Splitting or Cracking together with yellowish hue is caused because of fungal infections.

Cracked and Split Nails


When the skin surrounding the nails gets puffy and red, it might be caused due to the result of a connective or lupus tissue disorder. This case is know as inflamation of nail fold.Puffy Nail Fold


They should be taken care of as soon as possible. Sometimes this is caused due to Melanoma, and it is a very dangerous form of skin cancer.DARK LINES BENEATH THE NAILS May Be Due To Melanoma


GNAWED NAILSNail biting for you may only be old habit  for you, but in few cases it is proved to be a sign of Persistent anxiety which could corrected with the help of a proper treatment. Nail biting habit have also been linked to Obsessive compulsive disorder. In such cases contacting your doctor could prove to be of great help.