10 Reasons You Should Eat One Cup Of Pineapple Per Day

Don’t you just love the taste of pineapples? It’s got to be on of my favorites fruits! They are great fresh or in smoothies. My family loves to eat them frozen too. Want to try something really delicious?- Throw some pineapple on the grill next time you have a bbq! Goes great with pork. 😉

10 Reasons Pineapples Are Amazing

1. Every Serving Contains 10 Essential Nutrients

That’s right, in and around all that yellowy goodness is a ton of different nutrients, including:

  1. Thiamine
  2. Riboflavin
  3. Vitamin B-6
  4. Folate
  5. Pantothenic acid
  6. Magnesium
  7. Manganese
  8. Potassium
  9. Antioxidants
  10.  Polyphenols (like beta-carotene)

As you get older, people often develop B-vitamin and magnesium deficiencies. Eating pineapple is a great way to combat that trend, while all the antioxidants are great for the health of your heart, cells, and brain.

2. Your Entire Dose of Vitamin C in One Cup

While people typically think of oranges as the best way to get their vitamin C, just one cup of pineapple also gets the job done, giving your immune system a nice boost.

3. The Only Source of Bromelain

The bromelain enzyme breaks down protein and helps to reduce inflammation. Since pineapple is the only known source, it has been eaten for centuries to treat indigestion and inflammation.