5 Things Healthy People Do Every Day Before Work

Patterns occur everywhere in nature. They happen because whatever cause or force is behind them just works. We don’t really need to know why they work but if we accept that they do we can learn from them. We see patterns in human nature too.

Adding five things to your day usually means taking more time out of it, right? Usually. But not in this case. When the five additional tasks are tailored to give an efficient and healthy trajectory to your day, the result is actually the opposite: more time to do what you love, with less stress, a calmer mind and a body that feels damn good. — Meredith Nordhem

Here are your five action steps to feel less burned out and more accomplished when the day is over:

1. Drink warm lemon water.

2. Move.

3. Meditate (visualize, project, manifest, envision, etc.).

See the whole list and much more information at mindbodygreen:

Things Healthy People Do Before Work