You Know We’ve Become Disconnected From “Real Food” When We Resort To This

Americans spend over $60 billion a year on diet and weight loss products, according to market research, but the weight often comes right back. General Electric believes that may be because it’s such a hassle to count calories.

To combat this “problem” General Electric has come up with a new calorie counting device…

The device uses microwaves and scales to measure food. You simply place it over your plate and it shows you how much energy is in what you’re about to eat.

But wait! There’s a long way to go before you will be able slap the gizmo on your dinner dish. The product is still in testing phase — and hasn’t even measured an actual meal yet. “Right now, we’re limited to a blended sample in a box,” GE says.

Yum. Not. How about we just stick to eating sensible portions of “Real Food”?

via The Salt : NPR