Common Mistakes Women Make With Diets

Here are common mistakes women make with their diets. If you know someone who can relate, now’s your chance to guide them back to sanity.

•  TV weight loss plans and “pretend” health foods keep women in the dark about sustainable healthy eating habits. It’s time they take control of their own diets.

•  Most women diet by using methods that slow their metabolisms. Instead they need to train and eat to support muscle retention and growth. Muscle and metabolism are intimately connected.

•  Women sometimes go to extremes with carbs and dietary fats, often avoiding one like the plague while overcompensating with the other. Athletic women need the right kinds of both, and more than anything they need quality protein.

•  Women often attach much more meaning to food choices than men. They need to realize this, then lighten up on the self-judgment to take back control of their eating habits.

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