Giving Up Gluten But Love Bread? Sourdough To The Rescue.

Gluten intolerance is sweeping the country. Some say it’s just a fad. Others claim the problems are related to the fact that modern wheat has been so manipulated by farmers (through hybridization for processed food companies). Another theory is that GMOs and modern wheat together are the culprit.

Regardless, the biggest regret we hear from those giving up gluten is no more bread. Well, according to this mindbodygreen article, sourdough may save the (gluten) day…

Before the advent of commercial yeast, most bread was made in the “sourdough style,” with its signature cavernous holes. Those holes develop during the process of fermentation, which traditionally happened, at the very least, overnight. During the fermentation process, good bacteria breaks down the gluten proteins, thereby reducing or even eliminating the gluten content all together.

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Say Hello To Sourdough

Those suffering with Celiac Disease should seek professional medical advice.