Grow a Garden from Garbage: 5 Things to Plant from Food Scraps

Via Natural Society: How about growing your garden this year from food scraps? Some of the easiest and most inexpensive plants to grow are from things that might otherwise end up in the trash can!

Following are 5 foods to easily grow from stuff you normally just throw out. Time to fill your belly with nutritious, nutrient-dense food.

1. You know the root ends you usually chop off of green onions before adding them to your favorite dish? Instead of ditching them, soak the roots in a container of water, leaving a short shaft of green above the water line in about an inch of clean water, and place them in the sun.

2. Before throwing away the root base of your celery – think again and save it. Set the base in a glass of shallow water, and in about a week you will see new celery shoots growing out of the center of the stock.

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Grow a Garden from Garbage