Is Obesity Contagious? Virus is Linked to Weight Gain…

Coughs, sneezes and a runny nose are not the worst a bad cold can do to you – it might also make you fat. Scientists believe a virus behind the common cold could have fuelled the obesity epidemic that has swept the developed world. The culprit? A contagious bug called adenovirus 36. They pointed out that the rise of obesity over the past 30 years has coincided with the discovery of the bug. Highly infectious, it can cause mild coughs  and colds.

Tests have shown that animals injected with the virus gained weight, even when their food intake stayed the same.

Richard Atkinson, an American doctor believes the bug fuels weight gain for decades after someone catches it.

“I think there is a very good likelihood that a significant proportion of the obesity epidemic is due to this virus. Potentially, it affects weight for more than 20 years. And worse than that, once you are fat, you are probably stuck, because once you have made all those new fat cells, they don’t just go away.”

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