Is your gut leaking?

1. Is your gut leaking?

This question came up the other day at it stopped my in my tracks…

Is your poop leaking into your bloodstream?

When I heard this, I thought no way… but I had to take this free quiz just to make sure it wasn’t happening to me.

(I’ll share my results in a minute…)

By now you may know Dr. Amy Myers, she’s a world renowned autoimmune disease specialist. And she’s written articles on our site about how these nasty disease all have one thing in common.

Leaky gut!

This leaky gut syndrome as I’m learning is really cool and quite scary. And at first I thought it was possibly for poop to leak right into the bloodstream. But now I know that’s not really what’s happening.

Because this leaky gut thing is most common in the small intestine. Poop is in the colon.

So mystery solved!

But what’s really cool about it is that leaky gut is linked to almost every disease it’s tested for. Meaning that there might be one major underlying issue that many diseases share.

This is really important…

Because it means we don’t need to chase symptoms anymore. instead for most diseases we should just focus on gut health. And then the symptoms will heal on their own. This is exactly what Dr. Amy and many other experts are trying to tell us.

Some of those people are my new friends Jordan and Steve. And they built this really cool leaky gut syndrome quiz that you can take for free.

Take the quiz here and find out your risk level

They’ve got quite a story from really sick engineers to gut health experts and functional medicine practitioners. Now they build tools to help both patients and doctors.

…My Results…

Okay so as promised, once I saw the quiz I was compelled to take it and here’s my quiz results.

I got a “Low Risk” for leaky gut.

I feel pretty relieved and expected this as I work hard on my health. But I also know had I taken this quiz a few years ago I’m sure I would be at much higher risk.

And that’s the beauty of these kind of tools, they make it fun for us to learn about our health. I hope you’ll take 5 minutes out of your day today to screen for this important condition.

Take the quiz here