Pocket-sized gadget repurposes plastic water bottle into a portable shower or wash station

“For too long plastic bottles have been going into the ocean or landfill. Lack of awareness and alternative uses of this resource continues to have dire consequences for our marine health, wildlife and pollution. Recycling is great but is only part of the answer, we can also upcycle which is the top of the list as far as environmentally friendly procedures go. Upcycling is re-purposing a waste material and turning it into something useful.” – SpaTap Founder Stuart Mason

According to the SpaTap website, a single 2 liter water bottle can deliver 3 showers or 20 hand washes, with bigger bottles obviously being able to handle more showers or longer use, and is said to be virtually indestructible. Constructed of “medical grade silicone,” the device is safe for use around food and for drinking, and is claimed to be made from an “anti bacterial and anti microbial material.”

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