Police Confiscate Healthy Baby For “Testing” Because it Wasn’t Born in the Hospital

Welcome to America, land of the Free?

Recently, a Pennsylvania woman named Fatima Doumbouya had doctors take away her seven day old completely healthy baby. They called police and social workers simply because she gave birth at her own home. The doctors from St. Joseph’s Hospital then transferred her baby to another hospital without her permission. If you are starting to get upset that’s normal. Something is seriously wrong. This poor woman continues to explain: “The doctor came in the room with a stern look and said if you refuse to transfer her, we WILL CONTACT DHS (Department of Human Services) AND THE POLICE.” Doumbouya and her husband refused permission because they felt there was no need for it, but little did they realize that doctors had already decided to move their daughter to another Hospital in Philadelphia.

Baby then transferred without permission…

They only learned of the pre-decided transfer when a nurse told them the baby was about to be moved. They didn’t give permission or sign any papers authorizing this action, despite this the Doctors told her that the baby would be transferred to a Children’s hospital because St. Joseph’s lacked the proper instruments to examine her.

“I informed her that she cannot physically force me to take my child to another hospital,” “I knew what awaited us there were her vaccines and the silver nitrate eye [medicine].”

Because the couple refused the transfer, doctors called the police. Soon, three officers were waiting. The officers then proceeded to force the couple to go with the baby another hospital. One decent person did cross their path during all this and advised Doumbouya that the hospital’s actions were probably illegal and she could get her daughter discharged by filling out Against Medical Advice (AMA) forms if you could get them from the front desk.

Parents requests completely ignored

“When I asked the front desk for those papers, THEY BLATANTLY IGNORED ME,” Doumbouya wrote. “I kept asking and asking, and no one would answer me, they all looked at each other and kept doing what they were doing. It was like something out of a movie.”

— Sound familiar? Ever had people do this to you? It’s most likely the most stressful times you could experience.

The baby was then subjected to tests without the parents’ permission:

The parents waited for an hour and a half for the ambulance to come and take her baby to Children’s Hospital. Which, by the way this couple will be forced into paying for later to the tune of over 3,000 dollars for just the ambulance ride. At the Children’s Hospital, the baby was subjected to a series of tests and found to be normal and healthy.

“They ran test after test after test HOPING TO FIND SOMETHING,” Doumbouya said.

All these tests were done without her permission and it leaves one feeling hopeless and powerless. She believes the reason for all the tests were to find an excuse for the Department of Human Services to take away her baby.

To add insult to injury, Doumbouya and her husband received the bill from the hospital and ambulance ride they didn’t want. They were charged and forced to pay over $3,320.00. Healthcare is the second biggest scam in this country.

Doumbouya is now planning on moving out of America. I don’t blame her.

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