Woman Stripped and Beaten Brutally in Public; No One Helped!

Yet another case in which a woman was ashamed and ripped off her dignity. As per timesofindiaA woman conductor in Dombivli area (Mumbai, India) was brutally beaten by a male passenger, while those, present at the site simply remain nude spectators.

The crime against women refuse to end. In a shocking incident in Dombinili, Mumbai a female conductor was beaten and stripped by a male passenger.

The victim women said that the male passenger was abusing and using very bad words and when she told him to leave the bus then he started beating her, dragged her out of the bus by her legs, tore up her shirt and repeatedly slapped and kicked her like a football. This incident lasted for about 30 minutes until she fell unconscious, and none had to courage to stop it.

Her only fault was to tell the passenger to board the bus from the correct door. What is more appalling is that no one came to rescue the woman.

The accused is arrested by the police, and this case joins the long list of shameful incidents, once again highlighting the crime against women.