You’ll Never Guess Where This Grocery Chain Is Installing Beehives

1. Honey Bee Grant Program

Whole Foods Market’s new Honey Bee Grant Program helps kids get buzzed about where their food comes from.

Whole Kids Foundation said they will award approximately 50 hive grants to school gardens across the country in order to teach kids how to raise bees and tend hives. The added bonus? As kids learn how to take care of their fuzzy friends, they also learn lessons on pollination, agriculture, ecology, and nutrition.

“You can’t learn about growing fruits and vegetables without learning about bees,” said Jeff Miller of non-profit DC Honeybees in Washington, D.C., “Bees are as important to the process as sun and water.”

As the foundation notes, any parent who is worried about exposing their kids to stinging insects should note that bees are naturally docile and, that with proper supervision, kids and bees can peacefully coexist.